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5 Advantages of Cork Wall Sheets and Their Decorative Functions

Ⅰ. What are the advantages of cork wallboard?

Cork wall sheets and cork floors are both cork products, and the raw materials are taken from the bark of oak trees, mainly distributed in the Qinling Mountains and the Mediterranean region of China. Cork, commonly known as cork, generally refers to the oak bark of deciduous trees of the Beech family Quercus.

Most woody plants rely on the pipes in the bark to transport nutrients and water. The tree cannot survive after the bark is peeled off. The cork cells of the cork oak bark are particularly developed. After peeling, the cork layer can be quickly separated to protect the tree body, nutrients and water. transportation.

1. Sound absorption

The natural texture of the decorative surface of the cork wall panels is like countless sound absorbers, which are open to the outside. The cork wall panel has a strong sound absorption function, and they are suitable for acoustic spaces such as libraries, lecture halls, concert halls and audio-visual rooms.

2. Sound insulation

Because the cork material itself contains numerous air-tight air cells, just like insulating glass, it has the functions of sound insulation and heat insulation, and is suitable for sound insulation walls, heat insulation doors, recording studios, etc.

3. Personalized texture

The peculiar patterns of cork give people a natural and simple or warm and unrestrained feeling. Cork wall tiles are also ideal decoration materials for karaoke rooms, bars, restaurants, entrances and background walls.

4. Natural environmental protection

The cork wallboard is deeply processed from natural bark, which is environmentally friendly and fashionable, allowing us to continue to enjoy a low-carbon life.

5. Precious and rare

The raw material of cork wallboard is commonly known as "soft gold", which is precious and rare, making your decoration plan and living room more tasteful.

The uniqueness of cork wallboard itself is that it does not mold, does not hide dirt, does not generate dust, does not generate static electricity, and is not easy to burn, which makes the wallboard more advantageous than similar products.

Ⅱ. What are the decorative functions of cork wall sheetss?

Cork wall sheets are available in a variety of styles and tones, such as the original oak root color, parquet color, embossed feel, etc., so the visual effect of the construction always gives people an imagination, which can make your living home become wider, quieter, more ambitious, and more comfortable. Simple and unpretentious.

Whether you're stylish or elegant, contemporary or traditional, you'll be captivated by the style of cork siding.

The range of sound absorption and noise reduction of cork wallboard is about 30~50 decibels. Cork wallboard is generally applicable to various places where sound insulation and noise reduction are required. It can create a quiet, comfortable and natural environment, and 4mm thick cork wallboard Does not occupy interior space design.

Thermal insulation, antistatic effect: This function of cork wallboard is very good for caring for electrical products, reasonable in environmental protection and energy saving, increasing the service life of electrical products, and reducing the damage to relatives caused by electrostatic induction.

Cork wall sheets and cork floors belong to cork products, and the raw materials originating from oak roots are mainly distributed in the Qinling Mountains and the Mediterranean region of China.

Cork wall tiles preserve the original characteristics of tree roots, never fade, simple shape, original ecological norms; fashionable and dignified colors, suitable for home and commercial use, deep processing is comfortable and makes you feel happy; the colors are beautiful and fashionable, the mechanism is clear and comfortable, and the tone mild.

Cork wall sheets are suitable for room decoration in various natural environments; the actual effect of relief is thick air, clear and comfortable mechanism, well-proportioned color, suitable for home and commercial use.

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