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Advantages and Disadvantages of Soft Cork Flooring

I. Advantages of soft cork flooring

Soft cork flooring is soft and comfortable with good anti-slip performance and sound absorption. Soft cork flooring is healthy, soft, comfortable, and free of fatigue. Each cork cell is a closed air sac that shrinks when exposed to external pressure, and the internal pressure will increase. When the pressure is lost, the air pressure inside the cell will restore the cell to its original state. The resilience of cork greatly reduces the pressure on the back, legs and ankles caused by standing for a long time. At the same time, it is beneficial to the protection of the knee joint of the elderly, and can play a buffer role for the accidental fall, reducing the injury of the human body to the maximum extent.

II. Disadvantages of soft cork flooring

1. Poor wear resistance and pressure resistance

The deformation of an object is divided into elastic deformation and plastic deformation. The elastic deformation is recoverable, but the plastic deformation is not. If the pressure exceeds the range of elastic deformation, it becomes plastic deformation and cannot be recovered. If you step on a soft cork flooring with sharp heels, the indentation may not recover. In daily life, it is best to wear indoor shoes to walk on the soft cork flooring to prevent sand grains from being brought indoors. It is recommended to spread a mat at the door to remove the sand grains on your shoes in time, so as to reduce the wear and tear of the floor.

2. Difficult to clean

The structure of soft cork flooring makes it more prone to absorb dust, so proper use, maintenance, and careful cleaning are required. The waterproof and anticorrosive performance of common soft cork flooring is inferior to those of aggrandizement flooring, so moisture can penetrate into the soft cork flooring more easily. We should prevent substances such as ink and lipsticks from polluting the flooring, otherwise, it is hard to clean.

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