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Bathroom Cork Flooring/Tiles Planks

The bathroom floor needs to have a better waterproof performance, because there will be a lot of water in the bathroom, and even the bathroom floor will often be soaked in water. 


Therefore, it is necessary for this floor to have excellent waterproof performance, as well as other physical properties. Cork floor tiles bathroom is durable, easy to clean, and warm and comfortable to walk on. Its moisture resistance determines its stability; it is also very environmentally friendly, non-toxic, tasteless, and harmless to humans.

Yamanjia is a natural cork flooring company and provides different types of cork flooring. If you are interested in our products and want to buy bathroom floor tile, please contact us.

Is cork floor good for bathroom?

  • Cork tiles for bathroom floor are non-slip, and the non-slip feature is its biggest feature compared to other wood planks, in fact, it is not very slippery with oil on it. The water resistant cork flooring in cork bathroom determines the stability of the planks.

  • Bathroom cork tiles and wine bottle stoppers are made of the same raw materials. They are all cork. A wine bottle stopper can be soaked in wine for a long time, which does no harm to the human body. The environmental protection of cork tiles in bathroom can be imagined and is in line with the concept of sustainable development.

Cork flooring bathroom pros and cons

  • pros:

In the shower, you can feel comfortable and soft under your feet and enjoy the process more. In addition, due to the thermal insulation characteristics of cork floor, the body temperature will not drop too fast, which has a good thermal insulation effect. In addition, good waterproof effect will enable children to play easily and happily in the bathroom, and it is also very durable and affordable cork flooring.

  • cons:

Cork bathroom tiles will increase or decrease with the change of season; cork tiles for bathroom floor must be sealed to prevent cork swelling, and the price of cork maintenance is high.

Cork flooring in bathroom pictures

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