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Can Cork Floor Panels Be Installed in the Bathroom?

1. Can cork floor panels be used in the bathroom?

In the selection of materials for the walls and floors of the bathroom, generally people are accustomed to using ceramic tiles and other materials for waterproofing and cleaning. So, is the cork floor, a material with its own gentle temperament, suitable for installation in our bathroom?

The answer is that it is very suitable for installation in the bathroom!

2. Why can cork floor panels be used in the bathroom?

Let's talk about the characteristics of cork flooring and why it is suitable to be installed in the bathroom:

(1) The water absorption of cork floor panels is almost zero, and it is not afraid of oil and water.

The cork used to make the cork floor panels is the dermis layer of the plant from the oak tree subject, and the scientific name is cork oak, not a tree. The weapon against dampness in the bathroom comes from the material of the cork floor panels itself. Under the microscope, the cork has 40 million air sacs per square centimeter, and each cell contains more than 95% air. It is these spaces between the cells that determine the water and moisture resistance of the cork. Since most of the cell walls are in a sealed state, their mutual squeezing will also quickly evaporate water, and the cork itself will not change in any way, which can ensure the long-lasting use of the cork floor panels. In addition, the glued cork floor itself has relatively strong water resistance and moisture resistance. If the special surface layer sealing technology is used after the paving is completed, it can be used in the bathroom with excellent waterproof and moisture-proof performance.

(2) The cork floor panels feel soft and elastic, and it is non-slip.

Because the honeycomb structure of cork itself gives it natural elasticity, the texture of cork products will be very comfortable.

The anti-slip coefficient of cork reaches level 6 (the highest is level 7). This feature makes it difficult for users, especially children and the elderly, to fall. To take a step back, if you accidentally fall, it is not easy to be injured-if you step on the cork floor, you will know that its foot feels between soft and hard, just like stepping on a foam floor mat. The elasticity of the floor can play a buffering role and effectively reduce the impact of the ground on the body. By the way, because the cork floor reduces the pressure on people's heels, long-term action on such ground can relieve the fatigue of the back nerves.

(3) The cork floor panels are warm in winter and cool in summer. It can ease the change of indoor temperature and keep you in a warm environment forever.

On the one hand, judging from the physical properties of cork floor panels, its thermal conductivity is low, which means that the heat transfer rate is slow. It is basically maintained at a relatively constant temperature throughout the year, which gives people a very comfortable foot feel. Even in the winter when the temperature is below zero, people dare to walk barefoot boldly in the bathroom. On the other hand, from the perspective of human psychology, wood itself has its own warm temperament, which inexplicably makes people feel safe and eases the stress.

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