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Common Problems of Cork Floor Panels in Bathroom Installation

1. What glue is used for cork floor panels? Is there any harm from formaldehyde?

The installation method of cork floor is divided into lock installation and adhesive installation. Adhesive methods are basically used for bathroom installation. At present, most of the special glues for cork are imported from Germany, which are water-based glues, without formaldehyde and benzene, and all environmental protection standards have reached European standards. The floor of the bathroom wet zone uses special glue from Switzerland, known as yacht glue, with first-class waterproof performance.

2. If the bathroom has been installed, can it still be covered with cork floor panels?

The answer is: yes. Many families want a comfortable ground for their feet, and some friends who have elderly or children at home want a safe, non-slip ground. Then we can achieve this expectation through simple construction. Usually, we have to wait for the bathroom floor to dry, remove the surface oil stains, and then lay it with special glue. A small bathroom can be done in a few hours.

Tips: Recommended paving method for shower area: there are grooves around.

3. Although the cork floor will not absorb water, will the surface be moldy if it is exposed to water for a long time?

The surface of the cork floor panels is sealed with elastic UV paint, and it is usually closed again after the construction. In the dry area, there will be no water absorption and mildew. In the wet area, we use special bathroom floors, which have been carbonized and have good stability. After the high temperature, the carbonized board kills various bacteria and molds during the production process, and the carbonized wood itself has the function of adsorbing peculiar smell, which is very suitable for dark and humid environments.

In short, cork products include not only cork floor panels, but also cork wall panels, cork bathroom flooring and other products.

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