Shandong Yamanjia Biomass Technology Co., Ltd.
Shandong Yamanjia Biomass Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Culture

  • Strategic Target
    Strategic Target

    The strategic goal of Yamanjia is "the benchmark and leading enterprise in China's Cork biomass new material industry". To achieve this goal, the company has built a strong human resource framework system, gathered top talents in various positions in the cork floor industry, and established a management team in cork research and development, design, marketing, brand promotion, and other fields, so as to build a high-tech enterprise integrating production, learning and research technology company.

  • Intelligent Manufacturing Mode
    Intelligent Manufacturing Mode

    Through independent research and development and introduction of advanced manufacturing equipment in the industry, Yamanjia's leading cork sheet manufacturer integrates resources of manufacturing systems such as "raw material processing", "cork floor processing", "cork jewelry research and development", "cork nonwovens" and devotes itself to building into a research and development center, production and processing center, storage and logistics center, brand promotion center E-commerce marketing center, offline service experience center and other integrated cork new material industry clusters and circular economy demonstration enterprises.

  • Technological Strength

    Yamanja's technical team has strong technical strength in the cork production process, quality control, production capacity management, etc., and has won more than 20 patents in the cork flooring field. The advanced production technology mastered by Yamanja's technical team provides a strong guarantee for the company to improve cork floating floor quality, enhance the production capacity, and reduce production unit consumption.

  • Core Product

    The core products "cork flooring" and "wall tiles cork" is mainly made of cork oak bark biomass new material, the cork floor is called "consumption on the top of floor pyramid". Compared with the solid wood floor, it has more environmental protection, sound insulation, moisture-proof performance will be more excellent, bringing people a high comfortable feeling. Cork floor can be widely used in bedrooms, meeting rooms, libraries, recording studios, and other places.

  • Brand Concept

    Yamanjia's brand positioning is "professional manufacturer & service provider of cork flooring"

    Yamanjia is committed to providing a more healthy, safe, environmentally friendly, comfortable, green, low-carbon and sustainable living space for human beings through research and development and production of high-quality cork products, and creating a high comfortable and quiet beautiful home life. At the same time, it creates wealth for shareholders, opportunities for employees and value for customers.

  • Environmental Responsibility

    The cork floor of Yamanjia uses the bark of Quercus variabilis which can be recycled as the raw material, without any damage to the natural environment. This also means that as long as consumers use cork products, they protect the natural environment together with enterprises.

  • Health Responsibility

    The most environmentally friendly floor in history, Yamanjia's cork flooring is made of natural and renewable cork bark, which does not cause any damage to the natural environment; the glue and paint containing formaldehyde are not used in the production process, and the formaldehyde free addition is really achieved; the product has passed the CE certification of the European Union and the inspection of the national wood and bamboo products supervision and testing center, and the formaldehyde emission is less than or equal to 0.3mg/l An apple is also environmentally friendly.

  • Corporate Responsibility

    Yamanjia actively 

    • Constructs a scientific and rigorous responsibility management system

    • Promote technological innovation and enhance industrial added value

    • Return to investors and customers

    • Create an excellent working environment

    • Promote employees to realize personal value

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