Shandong Yamanjia Biomass Technology Co., Ltd.
Shandong Yamanjia Biomass Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Shandong Yamanjia Biomass Technology Co., Ltd. is a deep processing enterprise of technology research and development, design, and manufacturing of high comfort cork floor in China. It is controlled by Jining Huida Investment Co., Ltd., a wholly state-owned investment company approved by Jining government. The registered capital of the company is 18 million USD. It is located in Wenshang Economic Development Zone, Jining City, Shandong Province. The total planned investment is 77 million USD, the cork Industrial Park project covers an area of 100000 square meters, with renewable cork oak bark (biomass material) as the raw material, R & D and production of cork biomass new material. 

With the goal of building a leading enterprise and high-end brand in China's cork industry, the cork sheet supplier is committed to building a new softwood material industry cluster and circular economy demonstration park integrating cork product technology research and development center, production and processing center, storage and logistics center, brand promotion center, e-commerce marketing center, offline service experience center, etc.

Cork Floor Company

As a professional R & D and production deep processing enterprise of cork composite new materials, Yamanja has the world's leading production technology and equipment, and the world's leading cork surface texture processing technology to improve the rigorous process flow, a strong professional technical R & D team, a quality control system with high standard requirements, an excellent and efficient customer service concept and a scientific and modern production management system, so that the quality of Yamanjia types of cork flooring products exceeds the relevant national standards, and meet the relevant certification standards of the EU and the US.

Yamanjia has set up an engineering laboratory and an engineering technology research and development center for the comprehensive utilization of cork bark (new biomass materials) resources, specializing in the renewable utilization research of cork bark resources, with advanced cork chemical synthesis laboratory, cork finished product inspection laboratory, cork creative research, and development center, leading in such technical fields as cork surface texture processing and color processing first technical level. We have advanced technology research and development and reserve for the utilization of cork Bark products, cork particle modification, cork particle polymerization, cork environmental glue, cork super wear-resistant, super elastic paint, cork surface color, texture design, etc., and have obtained a number of patent technologies and international certification.

Appearance of Yamanjia's Cork Flooring Company

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