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Construction Steps for Laying Cork Wall Tiles

Ⅰ. How to construct cork wall sheets is better?

There are many things in our life that need to be constructed, and the same is true for cork wall panels, so how should cork wall panels be constructed? Let the cork wall sheets manufacturers tell you the following.

1. For ordinary paint walls, the original cork special glue or high-quality all-purpose glue can be used. What you need: brushes, knives, steel ruler, leather hammer, reticle, etc.

2. Preparation before equipment: Check and clean up the wall to make it flat, so as not to affect the paste of glue. First measure the area of the wall with a ruler, find the center of the wall, draw a horizontal and vertical line with a reticle, and install the cork wall panel from the axis point to the outside.

3. Field type equipment: take the central axis point as the starting point, the axis as the side line, the horizontal axis as the bottom line, and sew on the opposite sides, and press the equipment in turn. Set up one area first, tap it with a leather hammer to make it firm and level, and then use this method to set up another area.

4. Worker-type equipment: also known as brick-laying equipment. The equipment is pasted from the axis point, with the vertical axis as the edge, and the seams are opposite to each other. After the first row is installed, the second row is to the vertical center point to meet the first The seams of the row are seamed.

5. Gluing: When the equipment is installed, the back of the cork wall tiles and the wall need to be coated with glue. When brushing the glue, attention should be paid to evenly.

Otherwise, the device will not be firmly glued or leaked. After brushing the glue for about 15 minutes, wait for the glue to dry (subject to the hand touching and not sticking to the hand) before the device can be installed.

6. The flatness of the surface should be consistent during the equipment, so the equipment should be balanced and applied so that each piece is consistent, and every area that is glued should be hammered as a whole.

After all the equipment is completed, the individual protruding parts should be flattened from the center outwards with a leather hammer until it is finally flat.

Ⅱ. Detailed explanation of the construction steps of cork wall panels in the bedroom

Installing cork wall sheets in a bedroom is well worth it. Cork is not only stylish but also gives you a back-to-basic feel.

And the characteristics of cork are very good, which can make your bedroom safer and improve the quality of sleep, but many people will not install this piece, so I will explain the detailed steps of cork wall panels to you below.

1. The required tools are a plumb line, ruler, T-square, spatula, electrician's knife, pencil, and rubber clip.

2. Find the center point of the construction surface and center point, draw two lines that are perpendicular to each other, and use this as the starting point of construction. Use these two lines as a reference to find the location of the first panel from the intersection.

3. Use the recommended spatula to apply a thin layer of glue on the construction surface, with an area of about 2 square meters. If you use double-sided contact glue. Then the wallboard should also be covered with glue.

4. Paste the cork wall tiles on the wall one by one, with an area of 2㎡ each time, to ensure that the glue is completely dry (according to the temperature of the surrounding environment, it takes 10min to 30min),

5. Carefully paste the wall panel in the center, press hard to ensure that the four peripheral corners are firmly pasted, and paste the rest of the wall panels in the order in advance. " method of construction.

6. Place the wallboard to be cut on the pasted wallboard accurately at the corner of the wall, then put another cork wallboard on it, mark it on the wall, and then cut it according to the line, if the edge contour is not The rules can be cut according to the decoupage template.

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