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Cork floor care and installation attention

Cork flooring should be how to take care of it?

After choosing to install cork flooring in the family, many people are more concerned about whether the cork flooring is good to take care of, then in use cork flooring is good to take care of?

1. Cork flooring to avoid sand wear

In fact, in general, the cork flooring care than other floors to be simple and convenient. But it is recommended that in use, in order to avoid wear and tear on the cork floor, to avoid bringing sand into the room. So for the sand brought into the interior should also be removed in a timely manner.

2. Repair operation of cork flooring    

After the use of cork flooring if there is wear and tear in individual places, you can partially compensate, you need to add a new coating in local places.

In the operation is also relatively simple, generally are in the wear place gently with sandpaper sanding, remove the dirt on its surface, use dry soft cloth gently wipe clean, re-coating system coating, or in the local place overlay polyester film.

3. Waxing maintenance of cork flooring

In the market there is a kind of cork flooring painted on the surface, its maintenance time and solid wood flooring, it is recommended to play a floor wax in half a year on.

In daily use, do not put hot water cups and other high temperature items directly on the floor, so as not to scald the surface of the paint film.

Cork flooring installation process and precautions

1. The installer should provide the laying plan and the laying pattern according to the customer's personal decoration style.

2. Special tools to the original ground and dry self-leveling cement to take repair, grinding, dust-absorbing treatment to deal with the flooring.

3. After the floor is flat and dust-free, the ground is paved.

4. The paving process is firstly rolled with special environment-friendly water-based adhesive.

5. Start paving from the middle to both sides in strict accordance with the plan and pattern.

6. After the end of paving, clean the cork floor, and then roll coating wear-resistant, environmentally friendly and and cork flooring elasticity matching the special water-based paint.

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