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Cork Flooring is Really Soft and Comfortable

1. What is cork flooring?

Cork flooring, like cork stoppers, is derived from natural materials, a tree called cork oak (also commonly known as oak tree). This kind of tree is not like ordinary trees, the bark can be regenerated, generally the bark can be picked once every 7 to 9 years. Because the output is small, cork flooring is very expensive.

Just like laminate flooring is made by crushing wood, cork floor panels are made by crushing bark. In Portugal, which has the most abundant cork resources, after the cork bark is peeled off, the high-end wine corks are dug directly from the bark, and then broken into other cork products.

2. Types of cork flooring

Cork flooring can be divided into two types: paste type and lock type.

(1) Adhesive cork flooring is also called pure cork flooring. It is a thin layer of cork, about 3~4mm thick. The paving of this kind of floor uses the self-leveling cement paste system popular in Europe and America. It is to apply glue on the self-leveling cement surface and directly stick the cork floor to the top. This process is more stable and quiet.

(2) The lock type cork board refers to a layer of density board added between two layers of cork, and the suspension paving process is used like the laminated wood floor and the solid wood composite floor.

OMLIN CORK is a cork flooring manufacturer. Its core products, cork flooring and cork wall panels, are made of new cork oak bark biomass as the main raw material. OMLIN CORK is committed to developing and producing high-quality cork products to provide humans with a healthier, safer, environmentally friendly, comfortable, green, low-carbon and sustainable living space, and to creating a beautiful home life with high comfort and quietness.

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