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Cork Floors Are Thermally Insulating and Cannot Be Used for Geothermal Heating

Ⅰ. Can cork floors be laid on geothermal heating?

Some people have a logical thinking error: that is, because natural cork has very good physical properties such as elasticity, sealing, heat insulation, sound insulation, electrical insulation and friction resistance, all kinds of cork floors made of it are used. It should also be insulated. In fact, thermal insulation is a physical property of natural cork, that is, the bark stage.

And the fact that the stick-type cork flooring modern and the lock-type cork floor made of it are actually insulated? Here, I will tell you responsibly that the thermal conductivity of the stick-type cork floor and the lock-type cork floor, that is, the heat conduction efficiency. All of them can meet the requirements of the national standard for geothermal floors, especially the thermal conductivity of the pasted cork floor is very excellent in all wood floors.

Ⅱ. Why the cork floor has excellent thermal conductivity?

1. Natural cork insulation is because cork is a honeycomb structure, which is filled with air, and the air can block the transmission of heat, thereby delaying the heating time and acting as heat insulation, while the manufacture of pasted cork floors requires natural The cork bark is first crushed and then polymerized at high temperature and high pressure. In this process, the air in the cork is greatly compressed, flattening the original normal honeycomb, reducing the air inside, and improving the natural thermal conductivity.

2. There are two main reasons for affecting the thermal conductivity of geothermal floors: one is the material properties of the floor itself; the other is the thickness of the floor. The material properties of cork floors are already clear. The thickness of the floor is also a very important factor that affects thermal conductivity. The current paste-type cork floors in the market are generally only 4mm, and they are directly pasted on the cement floor during construction so that it will form a whole with the ground, and the heat transfer will be very fast. And let's take a look at the thickness of other floors on the market that can be used as geothermal floors. The thickness of the laminate floor itself is 8-12mm, plus the floor mat 2mm, which generally reaches 10-14mm, and the thickness of the solid wood composite floor itself is generally 13-12mm. About 18mm, plus the 2mm floor mat, it is generally as high as 15-22mm. Moreover, the construction adopts the suspension paving method, and there are hollow parts, which will also cause a certain temperature loss. You can see how obvious the thermal conductivity of the pasted cork floor is on the geothermal floor. In fact, the thermal conductivity experiments of different wooden floors and the actual use of consumers have proved the advantages of the pasted cork floor in geothermal heating. The thermal conductivity of the lock-type cork floor is basically the same as that of the laminate floor, so "the conclusion that the cork floor is used for geothermal heating is thermal insulation" is not established.

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