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Definition and Classification of Cork Laminate Flooring

At present, people's understanding of cork laminate flooring in the market is still very vague, and many people are still in the stage of not knowing and understanding about cork laminate flooring.

1. The definition of cork laminate flooring

The cork laminate flooring in the flooring industry is a general term, which includes cork laminate flooring and cork composite floor. This division is carried out according to the chronological order of the appearance of cork laminate flooring.

The cork laminate flooring specifically refers to the paste-type cork laminate flooring currently on the market, which is a pure cork laminate flooring with a thickness of about 4mm, 6mm, and 7mm seen in the market, without any carrier. The industry standard defines cork laminate flooring as a floorboard made from the bark of cork oak or similar species, processed and applied with an adhesive, which is then adhered to the surface of a flooring substrate such as concrete or wood.

2. Paste cork laminate flooring and lock cork laminate flooring

The lock-type cork laminate flooring we see in the market is the cork composite floor distinguished in the standard. Its standard definition is to add fiberboard for the floor substrate between the cork base layer and the balanced bottom layer of the cork laminate flooring, and the fiberboard has a tongue and groove. , After assembling, it is directly placed on the surface of the floor substrate such as cement floor, wooden floor or keel.

We can directly express the classification of cork laminate flooring and cork laminate flooring as paste cork laminate flooring and locking cork laminate flooring, so as to better express the concept of cork laminate flooring. These two kinds of floors are very different in terms of production process, installation and construction, maintenance and application scope, so it is of great significance to understand these two concepts for the promotion and application of cork laminate floorings.

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