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Do You Know the Many Advantages of Cork Board?

Ⅰ. thin cork sheet is very environmentally friendly

Its environmental performance is reflected in two aspects. The thin cork sheet is made of bark and does not need to be cut down. Compared with solid wood flooring and parquet, trees can grow naturally, thus saving raw materials and complying with sustainable development policies. On the other hand, cork and wine corks are made of the same raw materials, both of which are cork. Just as wine corks can be soaked in wine for a long time, cork is not harmful to the human body.

Ⅱ. The moisture-proof effect of thin cork sheet

The moisture resistance of natural cork sheet determines its very strong stability, which can be answered from the performance of cork wine barrels and cork stoppers in a century-old cellar. thin cork sheet can even be used in bathrooms, and its moisture resistance is very good.

3. thin cork sheet is durable and easy to care for

It can be used for a long time, and the cleaning work can be done directly with the care solution and cleaning agent.

4. Insect resistance of thin cork sheet

Insects are not interested in the taste of cork, so even in a cold and damp wine cellar, the wine bottles are stored upside down, and there is no phenomenon that the cork is moth-eaten and the wine flows out.

5. Heat resistance of cork board

Excellent for geothermal paving, good for thermal conductivity.

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