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Perfect home decoration from "ground", cork floor complete guide!

At present, there are mainly solid wood flooring, laminate flooring and solid wood laminate flooring in the building materials market, and some "alternative" flooring such as cork flooring, bamboo flooring, etc., of which cork flooring is favored by more and more consumers because of its many excellent characteristics.

1. The structure of cork flooring

Cork flooring is the use of cork particles and flexible adhesive, the use of special technology and equipment processing of a floor covering materials, generally 3.2 mm to 4 mm thickness, cork is not wood, is the bark of the oak tree.

2.The characteristics of cork flooring

Cork flooring structure is reasonable, good dimensional stability, in the case of drastic changes in temperature and humidity is not cracked and not warped, not decayed and not moth-eaten.

Cork flooring heat insulation performance is good, the summer can reduce the hot outdoor air invasion, the best cork flooring in winter can avoid indoor heat leakage through the ground.

3.The advantages of cork flooring

Cork is composed of countless airbags, the surface formed countless small suction cups, people walking on it when the foot contact with the ground, cork flooring will be slightly adsorbed on the ground, reducing the relative displacement and friction between the foot and the floor, thus extending the wear resistance and service life of the floor, but also play a role in noise reduction, sound absorption.

4.Cork flooring points of purchase

1、See the surface

Cork flooring selection first look at the floor sanding surface is smooth, there is no drum convex particles, cork particles are pure.

2、Look at the edge length

See whether the edge length of cork flooring is straight, the method is: take 4 pieces of the same best cork flooring laid on the glass or flatter ground, assembled to see whether it is seamed.

3、See the bending strength

Test the board bending strength, the method is to put the floor two diagonals together, to see whether its bending surface cracks, no is the quality products.

5. Installation and maintenance of cork flooring

1、Grab the installation quality

50% of the quality of cork flooring depends on the quality of installation. So the quality of installation workers, installation techniques and installation accessories are very important work to ensure product quality. At this point, the installation requirements are more stringent than those of other floors.

2、Simple and convenient maintenance

Cork flooring maintenance is more simple, in the use of cork flooring process it is best to avoid bringing sand into the room, brought into the room sand should be removed in a timely manner, generally do not need to be equipped with a vacuum cleaner, but also do not have to worry about moisture will warp, mold and other phenomena.

3, wear and tear repair

After three or five years of use, if there is wear and tear in individual places, can be used locally to make up for it, that is, in local places to re-add the coating.

The method is very simple, gently sandpaper sanding at the wear, remove the dirt on its surface and then gently wipe clean with a dry soft cloth, re-coat the coating, or in the local overlay polyester film.

4、Pay attention to painting and waxing

For the surface of the painted cork flooring maintenance with solid wood flooring, generally half a year to play a floor wax can be, the surface of the resin wear layer of cork flooring with laminate flooring care as simple.

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