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Adhesive Cork Tiles

Adhesive Cork Tiles

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Goodness of YAMANJIA Adhesive CORK Tiles

Our wholesale adhesive cork tiles are natural & environmentally protected.

Well-produced by Yamanjia, the self-adhesive cork sheet roll is a fashionable new product of wall decoration materials. The raw materials and technology of adhesive cork sheets are the same as that of the red wine bottle stoppers. In addition, the formaldehyde emission of the self-stick natural cork board floor tiles is ≦0.3mg/L.

Advantages of Adhesive CORK Tiles

Cork floor tiles self adhesive is hypoallergenic and resistant to mold and mildew, and because it contains natural antimicrobial properties, self stick cork floor tiles resist dirt as well as dust and mites better than many types of flooring.

Waterproof cork tiles can be cleaned daily with a classic vacuum cleaner for easy cleaning. Cork is suitable for daily use and is better suited to the home than carpet, cork tiles self adhesive are shock absorbent, resilient, and able to bend and regain their shape. It also saves energy costs in cold climates.

What mistakes to avoid when installing adhesive cork tiles?

  • No humidity check, the size of the humidity is not representative

  • Adhesive cork tiles installation before the ground is not polished, not the surface of the obvious protruding part of the flattening, eradication of ground loosening and adhesion, check and scratch the original flooring defects, check and fill in the gaps

  • No vacuuming before installation

  • No roller coating interface agent, not able to make the surface grassroots and self-leveling cement close bonding

  • The ground before the installation of the cork floor did not do self-leveling.

  • Cork flooring installation did not air dry sanding.

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