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Cork Flooring

Cork Flooring

Cork is an all natural product derived from the bark of the cork tree which regrows its bark every 9 years. This results in an all natural environmentally responsible product with exceptional physical properties.

Cork Flooring Types

Cork is not wood, but the bark of Quercus Variabilis. It is a kind of oak, mainly distributed in the Qinling Mountains and the Mediterranean coast.

  • The gift of nature, recyclable and renewable resources

  • We've been very careful since we started to choose materials

Cork Flooring by Different Installation Methods

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Cork Flooring by Different Areas

  • Bedroom Cork Flooring/Tiles Planks
    Bedroom Cork Flooring/Tiles Planks
    The bedroom is a place for people to relax and rest, so comfort is very important. In the process of decoration, the material of the cork floor also needs to be carefully selected.
  • Kitchen Cork Flooring/Tiles Planks
    Kitchen Cork Flooring/Tiles Planks
    The kitchen is a very humid place, and water vapor is one of the invisible killers of the floor. You must choose a floor with good moisture resistance.
  • Bathroom Cork Flooring/Tiles Planks
    Bathroom Cork Flooring/Tiles Planks
    The bathroom floor needs to have a better waterproof performance, because there will be a lot of water in the bathroom, and even the bathroom floor will often be soaked in water.
  • Basement Cork Flooring/Tiles Planks
    Basement Cork Flooring/Tiles Planks
    Many families have basements, which are shady and suitable to build wine cellars. The wine cellar requires small temperature differences, so the floor is also very important.
  • Yoga Studio Cork Flooring/Tiles Planks
    Yoga Studio Cork Flooring/Tiles Planks
    People's lives are constantly getting better, and yoga studios and gyms have become popular leisure and entertainment places.
  • Living Room Cork Flooring/Tiles Planks
    Living Room Cork Flooring/Tiles Planks
    The living room is a place where a family gathers together, so choosing the right floor is very important. Cork flooring has become an increasingly popular choice.

Cork Comfort Flooring - Your Best Choice.

Regular manual barking not only does not cause any damage to the tree itself, but also promotes the metabolism and growth of new bark, just like shearing wool, making cork a pure natural and recyclable renewable resource. This kind of bark is extremely precious and is known as "soft gold" in the international market.

Under the microscope, each cubic centimeter of cork contains 40 million cells. When subjected to external pressure, the cell and cell gap will shrink, and the internal pressure will rise. When the pressure is lost, the mixed gas pressure in the cell and cell gap will restore the cell to its original state.

Cork is not only elastic, but also regarded as an ideal material for heat insulation, insulation and flame retardant, antiskid and moisture proof, sound insulation and noise reduction, wear resistance and compression resistance.

Cork Flooring
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Floating Cork Flooring vs. Cork Tiles

Cork floating floors are usually assembled together with locking, which are easy to disassemble, also can greatly reduce installation costs and save time. Cork tiles need to be applied with adhesive, and related adhesives will also affect the firmness of the flooring. However, these two products have their own more suitable places. For example, floating cork floors are more  suitable for temporary places, while places with high sealing requirements such as bathrooms require adhesive cork tiles.

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