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Cork Wall Tiles

Cork Wall Tiles

We produce natural cork wall tiles in richly textured virgin cork bark, natural or knotted cork in various shades, or geometric or randomly designed patterned cork to add character and warmth to your walls.

Natural Cork Board Wall Tiles Types

In the face of increasingly depleted forest resources, how to rationally use wood resources, improve wood utilization, and use renewable wood resources has become an urgent matter. Adhesive Cork Board Wall Tiles are increasingly favored because of their sustainable regeneration characteristics. As a professional cork sheet factory, we can provide a range of decorative colored cork wall tiles including acoustic cork wall tiles and removable cork wall tiles for your selection.

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How to install cork wall tiles?

Problems to be paid attention to before installing cork wall tiles panels:

1. The wall surface should be flat: if the wall surface is glass, ceramic tile, wood, latex paint, etc., it can be installed directly after cleaning. The cork wallboard has good elasticity, so you can level some defective walls by yourself, but the installation wall should be as flat as possible, free of debris, so as not to affect the adhesion of the glue.

2. Adhesive application: The cork wall tiles installation wall and the back of the wallboard need to be coated with glue to ensure adhesion. The glue should be applied evenly. When applying glue to the back of the wallboard, pay attention to the four sides of the wallboard. Cork flooring on walls must be even and not over Otherwise, there will be glue seeping out of the seam edge during installation, which will affect the appearance. After applying the glue, wait for the glue to dry (dry until transparent) before installation.

3. Laying: In order to maintain a consistent surface flatness, apply force evenly from the initial placement to the subsequent block. The joints of each piece should be fixed with a pressing wheel, and after each part of the area is glued, the pressing wheel should be used for overall pressing.

4. Specific paving process: First of all, keep the flatness of the wall, fire retardant board on the wall, leave expansion joints, apply the adhesive evenly on the back of cork wall tiles with a roller, supporting the use of special auxiliary Wako1 D3540, lay the cork wall tiles siding backside up and wait to dry, the back of the cork wall tiles siding dries gradually until it becomes transparent, apply the adhesive evenly to walls, after painting, wait to dry until transparent, when paving, first align one side of the cork wall tiles, press with your hand to compact the corners, do the same for the rest of the edges, reinforced with a large area of pressure rollers, before putting cork wall tiles on the corner, cut to size with a utility knife.

Cork Wall Panels

Why Buy Cork Board Wall Tiles/Panels?

Cork Wall Tile or called cork wall sheets, cork wall panels can have the same surface pattern as materials such as solid wood, marble, or carpet, which can be used not only at home but also in public places. Ceiling cork board tiles are not subject to any restrictions on the application of colors, textures, specifications, and spaces, and are a real cross-border product.

The choice of floor materials for home decoration should adhere to the SHCB principle of safety, health, comfort, and beauty. Ceiling tiles cork is an ideal material that integrates these four points and is a "new choice" for consumers to dream of flooring.

  • Silence: It seems like the corkboard panels walls contain many small speakers, which are open to the outside and have a strong sound absorption function. These soundproof cork panels provide a silent private room.

  • Heat insulation: Cork ceiling panels/tiles have the function of heat insulation, and the cork board wall panels are suitable for sound insulation walls, heat insulation doors, recording studios, etc.

  • Patterns: The unique pattern of cork gives people the feeling of natural simplicity, warmth, and boldness. The decorative cork wall tiles add creativity and warmth to your walls.

  • Natural environmental protection: Cork wall panels are made of natural bark, which allows consumers to continue to enjoy low-carbon life.

  • Precious and rare: Coloured cork wall tiles make your room more tasteful,  mold,  dirt,  dust,  static electricity, and hard to burn, etc.

How To Install Cork Wall Tiles?

Cork Wall Tiles
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