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Cork Wall Tiles

Cork Wall Tiles

Cork Wall Tile Types

In the face of increasingly depleted forest resources, how to rationally use wood resources, improve wood utilization, and use renewable wood resources has become an urgent matter. Cork Wall Tiles are increasingly favored because of their sustainable regeneration characteristics. We can provide colored cork wall tiles for your selection.

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Wanna know more about advantages&info of Cork Wall Tiles?

Cork Wall Tile can have the same surface pattern as materials such as solid wood, marble or carpet, which can be used not only at home but also in public places. It is not subject to any restrictions on the application of colors, textures, specifications, and spaces, and is a real cross-border product.

The choice of floor materials for home decoration should adhere to the SHCB principle of safety, health, comfort and beauty. Cork Wall Tile is an ideal material that integrates these four points, and is a "new choice" for consumers to dream of flooring.

  • Silence: It seems like containing many small speakers, which are open to the outside and have a strong sound absorption function

  • Heat insulation: It has the function of heat insulation, and is suitable for sound insulation walls, heat insulation doors, recording studios, etc.

  • Patterns: The unique pattern of cork gives people the feeling of natural simplicity, or warm and bold

  • Natural environmental protection: Cork wall panels are made of natural bark, which allows consumers to continue to enjoy low-carbon life.

  • Precious and rare: Make your room more tasteful, no mold, no dirt, no dust, no static electricity, and not easy to burn, etc.

Cork Wall Tiles
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