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Interlocking Floating Cork Flooring Tiles

Interlocking Floating Cork Flooring Tiles

Floating Cork Flooring Types

Cork trees can produce a relatively large amount of cork, and only the bark is cut, which can prevent the tree itself from being damaged, thus achieving the effect of environmental protection. The floating cork flooring over tile can better meet the different needs of customers, and the lock-type floor structure makes its installation more convenient.

As a reliable cork sheet factory, we can offer high-quality cork locking flooring at a competitive price. Check in the following to get more about our cheap cork floating floor planks of high quality.

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Cork Floating Floor Planks Advantages

Interlocking cork tiles are new choices of environmental protection and low carbon.

Interlocking cork flooring is warm, comfortable, not cold, not slippery and not hard to step on barefoot.

Interlocking cork floor tiles effectively make up for the many shortcomings of tile and wood flooring.

This kind of cork floor covering is easy to install, which means that labor costs are now no longer a factor when choosing this valuable cork floating floor planks.

Cork Flooring Floating VS Glued

The glued cork floor is suitable for geothermal heating, has a longer service life than the floating 

cork floor, and can be paved in the kitchen and bathroom. Floating cork floor, easy to install, and more casual.

Installing Floating Cork Flooring

Floating Cork Flooring FAQs

  • Is cork flooring good for high traffic areas?

    If you're tired of the echo sounds of laminate or hardwood, floating cork flooring may be the perfect choice for your area. Those tiny pockets of air also make it an excellent insulator. Just like it reduces sound from being transmitted down and throughout the room, the cork locking flooring acts as a barrier against heat transfer as well.

  • Does cork flooring come in rolls?

    Cork flooring is so flexible that they can be rolled into rolls.

  • Does cork flooring scratch easily?

    The cork flooring has a unique honeycomb structure, high wear resistance, and is not easy to scratch.

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