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FK02 Shell Water Resistant  Floating Cork Flooring

FK02 Shell Water Resistant Floating Cork Flooring

FK02 Shell Water Resistant Floating Cork Flooring is warm and comfortable outdoor cork flooring by nature. This cork outdoor flooring series is not cool, slippery or hard to step on, perfect for barefoot and sitting on the ground.

We, as one of cork sheet suppliers, offer the water-resistant cork flooring also has thick cork board sheets and thin cork board sheets types, if you need, email us!

FK02 Shell Water Resistant  Floating Cork Flooring
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Why Choose Water Resistant Thick/Thin Cork Board Sheets? 

Yamanjia cork flooring respects the four most advanced SHCB design concepts in the world:

Namely Safety (safety), Health (health), Comfort (comfort), Beauty (beautiful)!

  • Safety: The thick cork board sheets is soft and has a non-slip coefficient of up to level 6. It provides passive protection against accidental falls for the elderly and children, which can greatly reduce the resulting injuries!

  • Health: The outdoor cork flooring is natural and environmentally friendly, the process material is the same as that of the wine stopper, and the formaldehyde emission is ≤0.1mg/L.

  • Comfortable: The cork flooring is warm and comfortable by nature. It is not cold, slippery, or hard to step on. It is especially suitable for sitting on the ground with bare feet to meet the growing nature of children who are crawling and rolling on the ground!

  • Beautiful: The water resistant cork flooring comes from nature, with various colors, close to life, beautiful and natural, easy to match with furniture, and create a better home life!

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FK02 Shell Water Resistant  Floating Cork Flooring
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Outdoor Cork Flooring FAQs
  • Is cork flooring waterproof

    After the cork flooring has undergone strict technical installation, it can be paved in the kitchen and bathroom, breaking the shackles that the traditional wooden floor cannot be laid in the bathroom and kitchen. , and then apply a layer of special protective liquid to ensure its best waterproof function.

  • How to maintain cork flooring

    If the cork flooring sheets are worn for three or five years, they can be partially repaired, that is, re-coating the part. The method is very simple. Lightly sand the worn area with sandpaper to remove the dirt on the surface. Then wipe gently with a dry soft cloth, recoat, or apply Mylar locally. For the cork flooring with painted surface, its maintenance is the same as that of the solid wood floor. Generally, it is enough to apply floor wax once every six months. Cork floors with a resin wear layer are as easy to care for as laminate floors.

    Prevent thermal damage. Do not place high temperature items such as hot water cups directly on the floor to avoid scalding the surface paint film. At the same time, try to avoid direct sunlight on the floor for a long time, so as to avoid premature drying and aging of the paint film after being strongly irradiated by ultraviolet rays for a long time. The furniture can be placed on the floor only 24 hours after the floor is installed, and the movement of people on it can be minimized within 24 hours.

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