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S02FD01 Coffee Floating Cork Flooring

S02FD01 Coffee Floating Cork Flooring

S02FD01 Coffee/Dark Brown Adhesive Cork Tile is applicable to public areas as airports, large-scale stores, office buildings, gymnasiums, hotels and other places with heavy crowds. Contact us for more dark brown cork tiles information!

OMLIN S01FD01 Khaki Floating Cork Flooring
  • OMLIN S01FD01 Khaki Floating Cork Flooring
  • OMLIN S01FD01 Khaki Floating Cork Flooring
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Dark Brown Cork Tiles Advantages

Decoration and insulation. Tiles can also be used as nail boards. These dark tiles are made of solid, thick cork and are excellent insulators of temperature, sound and vibration. These versatile cork tiles are decorative, insulated and used as nail boards. Use cork squares to make your own bulletin board, or use them in the office, classroom, or any room to hang your stuff and help you stay organized. It's great on the ceiling. These dark brown cork wall tiles are naturally dark (almost black). Gray cork board tiles may have a slightly burnt taste during production. This usually dissipates over time.

  • 100% all natural light brown cork.

  • Decoration and versatility.

  • Easy to install.

  • Use alone or on the wall.

  • Do not use glue and paint that exceed formaldehyde emission.

  • Perfect for dressing room, fitness room, games room, office, children's room, kitchen, board room, music room, etc.

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S02FD01 Coffee Floating Cork Flooring
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Floating Cork Flooring FAQs
  • Is cork flooring good for high traffic areas?

    If you're tired of the echo sounds of laminate or hardwood, floating cork flooring may be the perfect choice for your area. Those tiny pockets of air also make it an excellent insulator. Just like it reduces sound from being transmitted down and throughout the room, the cork locking flooring acts as a barrier against heat transfer as well.

  • Does cork flooring come in rolls?

    Cork flooring is so flexible that they can be rolled into rolls.

  • Does cork flooring scratch easily?

    The cork flooring has a unique honeycomb structure, high wear resistance, and is not easy to scratch.

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