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Selection Knowledge of Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is divided into five categories as follows:

The first category: 

There is no covering on the surface of the cork flooring. This product is the earliest.

The second category: 

Coating on the surface of the cork flooring. That is, UV varnish or colored paint or photosensitive varnish PVA is coated on the surface of the cemented cork. According to different types of lacquer, it can be divided into three types, namely high gloss, matt gloss and flat gloss. This is the technology of the 90s. Such products have higher requirements on the surface of the cork flooring, that is, the cork material used is relatively pure.

The third category: 

PVC veneer, that is, PVC veneer is covered on the surface of the cork flooring. Its structure is usually four layers: the surface layer is made of PVC veneer with a thickness of 0.45mm; the second layer is a natural cork decorative layer with a thickness of 0.8mm ; The third layer is a cemented cork layer with a thickness of 1.8mm; the bottom layer is a stress-balanced and waterproof PVC layer. This layer is very important. If there is no such layer, when the material is thermoset during production, the PVC surface layer will cool and shrink. Warp the entire floor. 

The fourth category: 

PVC veneer with a thickness of 0.45mm; the second layer is natural thin wood with a thickness of 0.45mm; the third layer is cemented cork with a thickness of about 2mm; the bottom layer is PVC board, the same as the third category It has good water resistance and balances the stress on the board surface. Its thickness is about 0.2mm.

The fifth category: 

Plastic cork flooring, resin cemented cork flooring, rubber cork flooring.

The following is the more detailed information of above types of cork flooring.

1. The first type of cork flooring: the cork layer is slightly thicker, the texture is pure, the surface layer is only 0.1~0.2 thick, the thin, soft, high-strength wear-resistant layer will not affect the performance of the excellent performance of cork, and its wear-resistant surface layer The material is non-toxic, tasteless, odorless and durable. It can be pre-painted in the factory, and the back of the cork is coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive and covered with release paper. It is extremely convenient for users to use, as long as the release paper is removed, it can be directly pasted to a clean and dry On the concrete floor. Users of this kind of floor can design and paste by themselves, which is very convenient. In addition, the lacquer surface can also be applied as a whole after the cork floor is paved. Australia, New Zealand and other countries often use this process. If you can change your shoes in the bedroom without bringing sand in, there is generally no problem with the life span of 10-15 years.

2. For shops, corridors, and places where it is difficult to avoid sand particles, the second and third types of floors should be used. The surface layer has a thick flexible wear-resistant layer, the sand particles will not slide after being pressed into the wear-resistant layer, and the sand particles will be ejected when the feet leave, and will not scratch the wear-resistant surface, which is its advantage; but the surface layer is non-toxic PVC, pure PVC resin cannot be used as a wear-resistant protective layer. It is brittle and easy to age. Therefore, plasticizers, heat stabilizers, light stabilizers, anti-blocking agents, antistatic agents, etc. must be added to the formula. Floor formulations strictly require these additives to be non-toxic, but at least the plasticizer is tasteful, easily migrates to the surface of PVC, and is easily leached by solvents, and may also accelerate product aging, so it is not suitable for bedroom paving. At the same time, these two types of glued cork layers have been excessively compressed, so the functions of heat insulation, sound reduction, and shock absorption have deteriorated. At present, some domestic consumers admire foreign products, blindly choosing high-priced foreign products of the second and third categories, but have many doubts about the cheap domestic first-category products. From a scientific point of view, the life of general PU coatings is only about 15 years. The first coating has a life of more than 10 years, the coating should be renewed. The aging life of PVC plastic is not as good as that of PU resin. After aging and decomposition, there will be hydrochloric acid and chlorine ion pollution, therefore, the bedroom floor should be the first type of floor.

3. Use rubber cork as floor, its elasticity, vibration absorption, sound absorption, sound insulation and other properties are also very good, but usually rubber is smelly, special high-grade rubber is not economical, and PU or PUA high wear-resistant coating is used for protection The floor is considered both in terms of performance and price, and it attracts attention because it can be used in rooms and indoor sports venues.

4. Cemented cork or rubber cork as the underlayment of the wooden floor not only uses the elasticity, heat insulation, sound insulation and noise reduction of the cork, but also builds a reliable moisture-proof layer for the wooden floor, which simplifies the paving of the wooden floor. However, the cork material used must be resistant to water and mold.

5. The density of cork flooring products is 400~450kg/m3, 450~500kg/m3 is greater than 500kg/m3. Generally, the middle 450~500kg/m3 is commonly used. If there are no heavy objects in the room, the density should be as small as possible. It has better elasticity, heat preservation, sound absorption, sound insulation, vibration absorption and other properties.

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