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The advantage of cork floor in kindergarten decoration

Cork flooring is called "flooring pyramid on the tip of the consumption", like the red wine cork is cork, compared with solid wood flooring, cork flooring environmental protection, sound insulation and moisture-proof effect is better, more to bring people a good sense of foot.

Cork flooring used in kindergarten decoration design is very good, cork flooring is conducive to bring a good sense of experience to young children, while cork flooring to young children a comfortable footing beneficial to the growth and development of young children.

1.Cork flooring environmental sound insulation

Kindergarten decoration design with cork flooring has the effect of environmental sound insulation, the raw material of cork flooring is oak bark, this raw material from nature is widely used in the wine cork, and wine long-term contact but will not cause any pollution to the wine, will not endanger human health.

So that this non-toxic, harmless and pollution-free environmentally friendly cork flooring is very suitable for kindergarten decoration design, cork flooring will not harm the sensitive body of young children also has a comfortable foot experience, to promote the healthy growth of young children;.

Young children are just lively and active character, it is easy to run and jump on the cork floor, the cork itself is polyhedral structure, like a honeycomb, this porous cork flooring structure has a good sound absorption effect.

When the sound enters the cork floor porous material, the sound energy is converted into heat energy and absorbed, regardless of how young children run and jump on the cork floor, there will be no sound.

2.Cork flooring anti-slip and wear-resistant

Kindergarten decoration design is most focused on safety issues, the teacher can not care to see dozens of children, so in the kindergarten decoration design should reflect the design concept of safety, the ground using cork flooring, anti-slip coefficient of six, cork flooring resilience is good.

When subjected to external pressure cork flooring will contract, the elasticity of this cork flooring greatly reduces the pressure caused by long-term standing on the human body.

Cork flooring is conducive to protecting the knee joints of young children, while cork flooring plays a cushioning role for young children to slip and fall, cork flooring can minimize the degree of injury to young children.

3.Cork flooring moisture resistance

Cork flooring moisture resistance is used in the kindergarten decoration design, cork flooring will not shorten the life of the ground because of wet or water.

Cork flooring in the presence of cork resin and lignin components, the liquid is completely unable to penetrate the environmental protection cork flooring, this moisture resistance is to keep the quality of cork flooring unchanged, in the kindergarten decoration design of environmental protection cork flooring is widely used.

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