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The Debate of Floor Materials: Solid Wood Flooring VS Cork Flooring

The cork wood flooring has been used more and more in the recent home improvement market. In the flooring market, solid wood flooring and cork flooring are more expensive than other types of flooring. Today I will show you the advantages of these two types of flooring.

1. The structure of cork wood flooring and solid wood floor is different

The maintenance of solid wood floors is more difficult. It must be waxed and oiled frequently, otherwise the floor will soon lose its luster. If you do not pay attention to cleaning, it may be moth-eaten, and the indoor environment will be deformed if it is too damp or too dry.

Moreover, the price of solid wood floors has not been low, the price is above 200 yuan/㎡, but the quality of solid wood floors is difficult to judge by appearance.

The cork wood flooring is called "the pyramid-shaped consumption of the floor". The cork wood flooring is crushed and hot-pressed from oak bark. The natural material can be biodegraded and recycled, which is very environmentally friendly.

In addition, its water permeability is low, and the water absorption rate is almost 0, so it is very suitable for use in bathrooms, which is very different from solid wood floors.

Since the cork structure is filled with gas, it has a good sound insulation effect, is soft and elastic, and has a comfortable foot feel. It is the floor with the highest anti-skid coefficient at present.

It is also because of the special raw materials and structure that the cork sheet flooring is not wear-resistant. It is absolutely impossible to push or drag those heavier furniture, otherwise it will easily damage the cork wood flooring.

At the same time, due to the precious materials, it is positioned in high-end floors, and the price of cork floors is high, so cork floors are enough for children's rooms or elderly rooms or bathrooms.

2. Compared with the solid wood floor, the cork wood flooring is more environmentally friendly

In terms of environmental protection, cork wood flooring is more environmentally friendly than solid wood flooring. The cork wood flooring is made from the bark of oak trees. After picking, the tree will continue to grow new bark, and the tree will not suffer any damage. .

3. Compared with the solid wood floor, the cork wood flooring has better moisture resistance

From the perspective of moisture resistance, compared with solid wood, the moisture resistance of the cork wood flooring will be very good. Solid wood floors are very afraid of moisture, and moisture will cause warping and deformation. decay.

The cork wood flooring will not rot, which can be answered from the manifestation of cork barrels and cork stoppers in the century-old cellar, and can even be laid in the bathroom after passing the strict paving.

It can be said that cork wood flooring is more expensive than solid wood flooring, and its quality is relatively high. It also has more benefits for cork wood flooring users. Consumers can choose the appropriate flooring type according to their actual situation.

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