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The Performance of Cork Floor Panels

1.  Comfortable cork flooring

The uniqueness of the cork raw material makes it extremely comfortable to walk on the cork floor. The shock absorption function of the cork can significantly reduce the pressure on the feet, legs, joints and back of people during walking.

2. Quiet and sound-absorbing cork flooring

The internal cell structure of the cork raw material used in the cork floor gives the floor excellent sound absorption performance. It can reduce the transmission of sound waves between floors and within rooms, and create a quiet and elegant living space for you. Many audiophiles use cork for floors and sound-absorbing cork wall panels.

3. Warm cork flooring

The cork material itself gives the cork flooring unique properties that other floors can't match. If you walk barefoot on the cork floor, it will feel much warmer than other floors.

4. Environmentally-friendly cork flooring

Cork flooring products are non-polluting, and because the raw materials of cork flooring are renewable, each tree can only be harvested every 9 years. Therefore, the cork flooring does not damage forest resources, thus providing you with environmentally friendly ground materials, which is your truly ecological choice.

5. Easy maintainance of cork flooring

The unique surface of the cork floor, the excellent wear-resistant paint surface, makes the care of the cork floor very simple. Only a mop or a vacuum cleaner can make your floor perfect. In addition, no matter in the humid Mediterranean or the dry African continent, there is no record of cork floor being eaten by insects.

6. Healthy and anti-slip cork flooring

The special surface treatment of the cork floor prevents it from hiding dirt or growing mold. In addition, the anti-slip ability of the cork floor is amazing, and the anti-slip coefficient reaches 6 (the highest is 7), which undoubtedly creates a safe and healthy living environment for you. It is especially suitable for middle-aged and children's rooms.

7. Wear-resistant cork flooring

The cork flooring adopts the world's leading ceramic lacquer top-quality wear-resistant technology, so that the surface of the floor has a matte silk feeling, and has super abrasion resistance. Whether it is a warm home interior or a variety of commercial occasions, after years of use, it is still intact after use.

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