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The Uniqueness of the Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is at the top of the flooring industry. So what are the advantages of cork flooring? Below we will answer for you one by one.

The reason why cork flooring is favored by consumers is that it has the common characteristics of flooring, but also has seven special characteristics:

1. Elasticity and slip resistance

Cork contains approximately 42 million very tiny cork cells per square centimeter, which makes it very resilient. You can feel comfortable even walking in an indoor environment. In addition, because of the high friction coefficient, it is not easy to slip. Even in the event of a slip, the elasticity of the floor can also play a buffering role, which effectively reduces the impact of the ground on the body.

2. Low heat release

Compared with other general wooden materials, the cork material has higher heat preservation. The temperature of the cork surface is not easy to cool, and it will not feel cold even when it is stepped on barefoot. This performance of cork makes the cork floor warm in winter and cool in summer.

3. Insulation

The thermal conductivity of cork is almost the same as felt. It can not only prevent the temperature from escaping, but also prevent the intrusion of external moisture, and always maintain a suitable temperature, reducing the consumption of resources such as air-conditioning fees.

4. Durability

Cork flooring, like ceramic texture, has high abrasion resistance twice that of ordinary wooden materials. Even if you walk up with shoes, the durable cork flooring won't cause damage or scratches, and the beauty of the room has been maintained.

5. Sound absorption

Cork is born with an extremely fine bubble-like cell structure, which can completely absorb the noise of walking and the impact of objects on the ground. Taking advantage of this feature, cork material as an excellent noise reduction and noise reduction paving material is widely used in stadiums and libraries that have special requirements for sound insulation.

6. Water resistance

Even if it is soaked in warm water at 25°C for 2 hours, the water absorption rate of cork is only 0.012g/cm3 (3%). The absorbed water will quickly evaporate, because this characteristic of cork makes it also useful as a water-proof and moisture-proof material.

7. Chemical resistance

Except for diluents, cork has no chemical reaction to almost all drugs, which effectively reduces the possibility of harmful gases. In addition, not only water, but also highly corrosive chemicals such as cleaning agents and boiling hydrochloric acid liquid have excellent and durable corrosion resistance.

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