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Traceability of the Cork

1. Where does the cork for cork flooring and wall panels come from?

After 25 to 30 years of vigorous growth, a small green seed finally became an oak covering the Mediterranean coast. Cork is the protective layer of the skin from the oak tree. The scientific name is cork oak. Because of its soft texture, it is commonly known as cork; When the cork is peeled from the tree, the thickness is generally 4-5 cm, and the thickest can reach more than 10 cm. The section has a natural texture and is pale ocher.

Cork is a natural material with unique properties. It has a variety of excellent physical properties and stable chemical properties. For example: small specific gravity, low thermal conductivity, good sealing, strong resilience, non-toxic, odorless, non-flammable, corrosion-resistant and mildew-resistant. And it has certain properties such as strong acid resistance, strong alkali resistance, and oil resistance.

The cork raw materials can be picked repeatedly, and the cycle is 8 to 9 years. A mature tree can be stripped of bark more than ten times, and the growth age of the tree is 150 years. The resources of cork are extremely limited. The annual global supply of cork is less than 20 million square meters. It is hailed as a "gift from God". Therefore, the price of cork flooring is much more expensive than ordinary flooring. However, the use of cork floor panels is not only a symbol of quality and status, but also has the incomparable advantages of ordinary flooring.

2. Application of cork in the various walks of life

The corks of high-end red wines that we usually see are stamped from cork monoliths. The remaining cork is widely used in common cork floor panels, cork wall panels, cork bricks for construction, car gaskets, insulating cork and so on.

The ancient book library (reading room) in Beijing, the capital of China, is covered with cork flooring, which was installed by the Dutch in 1932. It was still intact after 70 years of use until it was repaired in 2000.

Cork floor panels can accompany you throughout your life, and can even be passed on from generation to generation.

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