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Why is Cork Flooring Called "The Pyramid-tip Consumption Of The Floor"?

Cork flooring is comfortable to the feet. It not only has the high-end of solid wood, but also can firmly support your body when you step on it . Being slightly sunken, cork flooring is neither too hard or too soft, so stepping on it is just like stepping on foam stitching floor mat.

Cork flooring, like cork stoppers, comes from a natural materials,which is the tree called cork oak or cork tree (commonly known as oak). This kind of tree is not like ordinary trees, because its bark can be regenerated, and generally the bark can be picked once every 7-9 years. Because of the small output, cork flooring is more expensive than ordinary wood flooring.

Laminate flooring is made by crushing wood. Just like that, cork flooring is made by crushing bark. In Portugal, where the cork resources are the most abundant,the high-end wine corks are dug directly from the bark, and then broken into other cork products after the cork bark is peeled off.

Different from laminate flooring, cork flooring has larger particles and better materials. This brings a question that everyone must be worried about --the safety of glue.

About environmental problem, it is inevitable to use glue. Whether it is good depends on what glue is used, and the price often represents everything. For a piece of cork flooring, there are tens of yuan cost, which is less than 200 yuan/㎡. This kind is relatively inferior, while good quality cork flooring is generally 400~700 yuan/㎡. Let me give you a reference: the cheapest cork flooring in the United States is about 4 dollars per square foot, which is close to 300 yuan per square meter.

Cork flooring can be divided into two types: adhesive and lock type.

Adhesive cork flooring is also called pure cork flooring, which is a thin layer of cork about 3~4mm thick. This kind of floor is paved with a self-leveling cement paste system popular in Europe and America, which is to apply glue on the self-leveling cement surface and stick the cork flooring directly on top. This process is more stable and quiet.

Lock type cork flooring is made by adding a layer of density board between two layers of cork. It is like laminate flooring and solid wood composite flooring, because they all use the suspended paving process.

With the advantages of being quiet, non-slip, insect-proof, moisture-proof and not easy to deformation, cork flooring is called "the pyramid-tip consumption of the floor".

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