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Yamanjia Cork With International High-Quality Products Made A Stunning Appearance At The Linyi Wood Industry Exhibition!

The 11th Linyi Wood Industry Expo has opened! On June 12, 2022, at the crowded Linyi International Convention and Exhibition Center, the 3-day 11th Linyi Wood Industry Expo officially kicked off. Let's take you directly to the exhibition site of Yamanjia cork flooring!

In this exhibition, Yamanjia cork flooring has successfully won the attention of a large number of customers with the unique characteristics of cork! The continuous flow of people at the scene is also the proof of the high popularity of Yaman's cork!

 Yamanjia cork flooring exhibition hall



Live installation demonstration


Yamanjia cork flooring are made from the natural and renewable cork oak bark, without destroying forest resources, and wine corks are also made from this material. Cork oak is an inexhaustible natural raw material. This kind of bark is extremely precious and has the reputation of "soft gold" in the international market. From bark to product, Yamanjia cork is environmentally friendly in raw materials, production and products, creating the most environmentally friendly floor ever, and passing on the concept of environmental protection to more people.


At this exhibition, Yamanjia cork grandly launched a full range of products. The cork floor perfectly interprets the superior performance of natural cork. Because of its unique wear resistance and compression resistance, sound insulation and noise reduction, low carbon and environmental protection, it can be installed and lived immediately. Cool, not slippery, not hard, easy to install, can be installed under floor heating and many other advantages, it has become the king of exhibition popularity!


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